Raptech Automation for Manufacturing

Innovate Manufacturing with Advanced Technology

Raptech provides a comprehensive platform to automate your manufacturing process from start to finish. Our user-friendly interface allows for easy collaboration between teams and real-time visibility into your operations.

How Raptech Automates Manufacturing Processes

Efficient Costing

Raptech's production forecasting and scheduling capabilities enable you to optimize you production processes resulting in reduced lead times and improved quality.

Improved Production Planning

Raptech's production forecasting and scheduling capabilities enable you to optimize you production processes resulting in reduced lead times and improved quality.

Streamlined Purchase Management

Raptech enable you to automate you procurement processes, optimize inventory levels, and reduce carrying costs, all while ensuring timely delivery to customers.

Centralized Financial Management

Raptech allows you to manage your financial operations in a centralized platform, improving accuracy while providing better visibility into your financial health.

Raptech's Manufacturing Suite : Key Features

Sales Management

Raptech’s lead and deal management modules automate tracking, follow-ups, deal stages, and approvals, enhancing sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Raptech’s Purchase Order Management module streamlines procurement with requisition and approval, ensuring timely deliveries, and improved supplier relationships.


Raptech’s MRP module optimizes inventory by generating plans based on production forecasts, Orders, Current Stock, and lead times, ensuring timely material availability.

Inventory Control

Raptech’s Inventory Management module streamlines inventory tracking from raw materials to finished goods with advanced features, and improves efficiency.

Production Operations

Raptech’s Production module optimizes production processes by efficiently routing stages, allocating resources, and scheduling activities and improving efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Raptech’s Quality Control and Inspection module streamlines quality management by defining quality parameters and quality data, ensuring consistent product quality.

Delivery Management

Raptech’s order and delivery management module tracks order and shipment status, and ensures timely product delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationship.


Optimize receivables and payables with invoicing, payment tracking, approval flow, and bulk processing, ensuring efficient cash flow management for your manufacturing business.

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges with Raptech's Automation

Lack of Accurate Cost Tracking

With Raptech's tracking of raw materials to finished goods, you can accurately calculate the cost of goods sold.

Ineffective Material Planning

Raptech's material planning and inventory management features allow you to plan your materials and manage inventory effectively.

Inefficient Production Planning

Raptech helps you manage your production schedule by providing real-time visibility into your man/machine/resource availability.

Limited Visibility into Production

Raptech provides you with real-time reporting on your entire production process from start to end to improve overall efficiency.

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