Raptech AI-Driven Unified Platform

Intelligent Platform to Digitize Processes for Informed Decisions

Operate smarter and faster across sales, purchase, operations, store, and accounting with Raptech’s all-in-one platform.

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Transform Your Business with Raptech End-to-End Process Automation

Get real-time data insights through AI-driven business intelligence

Raptech streamlines workflows across sales, purchase, operations, store, and accounting, enabling business owners to make informed decisions. Our AI-driven platform offers real-time data insights, allowing you to chat with your data for quick, informed decisions to drive business growth.


With Raptech, you can operate smarter and faster, leveraging advanced automation and business intelligence to gain a competitive edge. Our solution ensures you have the information you need when you need it, empowering you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Overcoming Key Challenges with Raptech Automation

Data Delays

Raptech ensures real-time data insights, enabling faster, informed decisions to keep your business agile and responsive.

Inaccurate Information

Raptech automates data entry, ensuring accuracy and consistency, so you can trust the information you use to drive your business.

Operational Inefficiencies

Raptech streamlines workflows, increasing operational efficiency and freeing up time for strategic activities.

Lack of Integration

Raptech integrates all business functions into a single platform, providing a comprehensive view and seamless operations.

Discover the Benefits of Automating Your Business Process with Raptech

Streamlined Operations

Automate all functions to eliminate bottlenecks and manual errors. Raptech centralizes processes, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.

Unified Data

Integrate all data sources for a comprehensive business overview. Raptech consolidates data, providing a single source of truth for accurate decision-making.

Instant Insights

AI-powered analytics deliver real-time business intelligence. Raptech offers immediate access to critical metrics, enabling quick and informed strategic decisions.

Enhanced Growth

Support business scalability with seamless process automation. Raptech's robust platform adapts to growing business needs, ensuring smooth and scalable operations.

Business Processes Automated by Raptech

Accelerate Sales Growth

Enhance your sales strategy with a customizable solution that streamlines processes, improves customer acquisition, and optimizes lead tracking.


Focus on high-value deals with insights from deal tracking and customizable forms, boosting sales efficiency and closing rates.

Optimize Procurement Operations

Streamline procurement operations by centralizing order creation, management, and tracking, boosting efficiency and control.


Improve timely deliveries and accurate inventory management, minimizing errors and enhancing overall operational performance.

Automate Inventory Management

Centralize receiving processes for better control and efficiency. Accurately track goods receipts against purchase orders to update inventory levels timely.


Incorporate barcode and serial number generation, lot, and expiry details to minimize errors. Gain real-time insights, manage stocks, and set reorder thresholds.

Efficient Production Management

Raptech’s BOM Management module defines raw materials, sets wastage limits, and provides real-time material visibility for better production planning.


The Production module optimizes order management, tracks production stages, and ensures accurate resource allocation, enhancing efficiency and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Real-Time Project Management

This module provides real-time visibility into project status and enables precise tracking of time spent on tasks and activities.


Ensure project-specific material needs are met efficiently with real-time expense visibility and approval workflows, improving overall project management.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Raptech’s modules efficiently manage outstanding receivables and payables, as well as expenses and bills, ensuring smooth financial operations.


The Finance module offers a robust platform for managing financial accounts, reconcile financial transactions against bank statements efficiently.

Comprehensive Business Analytics

Dive into robust analytics for every business aspect, from sales trends to operational efficiency, enabling a thorough understanding of performance drivers.


Automate comprehensive report generation, from financial summaries to detailed operational reviews, ensuring timely insights ensuring owners can make strategic, data-driven decisions efficiently.

Seamless Implementation with Raptech

Beyond mere software delivery, there is a commitment to comprehensive support throughout the journey, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business

Discovery and Assessment: Conduct an in-depth analysis of your current processes, systems, and challenges. This stage aims to uncover gaps and define clear objectives for the expected outcomes.
Preparation for Automation: Prepare your organization for digital transformation by aligning strategies, optimizing organizational structures, and developing the necessary skills for effective system adoption.
Custom Configuration: Customize the solution to seamlessly integrate with your specific business workflows, ensuring that the software is optimally configured for your unique operational needs.
Deployment and Support: Deploy the solution, provide targeted training to empower your team, and offer continuous support to facilitate smooth adaptation and ongoing improvement of the system within your business.

Explore Raptech's Pricing for Your Company

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), from startups to growing enterprises, choose Raptech for smarter operations management. Curious about the cost? Our flexible pricing includes monthly and annual subscription plans, tailored to your specific needs.


Pay only for the modules you select and the number of user accounts. There is a one-time implementation fee for initial setup. As your business grows, you can effortlessly add new modules and users—this is the power and flexibility of cloud software in action.


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