Order-to-Cash Automation

Automating Order Management to Cash Collection

Raptech Automates Your Operations, from Customer Orders to Revenue Recognition

Boost Order Delivery, Efficiently and Effectively

Raptech’s order-to-cash process automation allows you to manage the entire sales process, from sales order creation to cash collection. The module streamlines operations by managing production processes, tracking projects, and facilitating delivery of goods or services. It simplifies sales invoicing and helps track accounts receivable for accurate record keeping. With real-time visibility into your sales pipeline, you can easily identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales process.

Optimize Every Step of Your Order-to-Cash Workflow

Comprehensive Customer Orders

Raptech’s Sales Order module helps small businesses streamline their sales process by converting quotes to orders, managing customer PO details, and tracking order status. This module reduces error and improves efficiency




Efficient Order Processing

Raptech’s order processing module supports manufacturing, industrial services, and distribution operations, ensuring real-time tracking, and timely delivery for enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.


Timely Order Delivery

Raptech’s Delivery module manages product delivery with direct or sales order-based options, creates shipping invoices, and generates packing slips, ensuring timely, accurate delivery, simplified billing, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Accurate Customer Invoicing

Raptech’s Sales Invoice module simplifies invoicing with features like creating invoices against orders, recurring invoicing, tax compliance, payment alerts, and deposit adjustments, enhancing cash flow management and reducing errors.

Effective Accounts Receivables

Raptech’s Accounts Receivable module automates AR processes, manages receivables, and tracks advances and credit notes, improving cash flow and reducing errors. Real-time visibility allows informed decisions and efficient financial management.

Benefits of Automating Order-to-Cash Process with Raptech

Streamlined Operations: The Order-to-Cash module automates many of the manual tasks associated with the sales process, from order management to cash collection, save time and reduce errors.

Improved Collaboration: By providing a unified platform, the module facilitates better communication and collaboration between sales, production, and finance departments.

Increased Accuracy: With automated processes, the module can reduce errors and improve accuracy throughout the sales process, including order fulfillment, invoicing, and payment collection.

Higher Revenue: By enabling businesses to manage the entire sales process more efficiently, the Order-to-Cash module can help increase revenue and improve cash flow.


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