Raptech Automation for Wholesale Distribution

Enhance Wholesale Distribution with Advanced Automation

Raptech’s advanced technology offers unparalleled capabilities to automate wholesale distribution processes. With real-time tracking of inventory, orders, and shipments, as well as integration with accounting and finance systems.

How Raptech Simplifies Wholesale Distribution Operations

Streamlined Order Management

Raptech enables you to manage your orders efficiently and accurately, reducing order processing time and ensuring timely delivery to customers.

Multi-Warehouse Management

With Raptech's multi-location and multi-warehouse management features, you can track inventory levels, optimize stock levels, and reduce carrying costs.

Improved Delivery Management

Raptech's delivery management module provides you with end-to-end visibility into the delivery process, enabling you to track deliveries in real-time.

Enhanced Financial Management

Raptech's accounting modules offer a streamlined platform for managing receivables and payables, enabling you to efficiently track your cashflows.

Raptech's Essential Features for Wholesale Distribution

Sales Management

With Raptech’s lead and deal management modules, distribution businesses can efficiently manage leads, track sales processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Order Management

Raptech’s order management module streamlines order processing, tracks order status, ensures timely delivery and enhancing long-term relationships.


Raptech’s purchase module streamlines purchasing by enabling requisitions and conditional approvals, enhancing efficiency and visibility, and saving costs.

Inventory Control

Raptech’s inventory management module streamlines processes, including GRN, lot and serial tracking, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.


Raptech’s warehouse management module optimizes inventory with efficient pick, pack, and ship functionality, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and timely delivery.

Delivery Management

Raptech’s delivery module streamlines processes by managing orders, creating delivery notes, packing slips, and shipping invoices, and tracking deliveries to ensure timely shipments.


Raptech automates receivable and payable processes, managing invoices, tracking payments, and ensuring accurate, timely payments for improved cash flow.


Raptech’s reporting and analytics module enables trade and distribution businesses to generate real-time functional reports supporting various formats and customization options.

Solving Key Issues in Wholesale Distribution with Raptech

Inefficient Order Process

With Raptech's sales module, you can simplify sales process by managing quotes, orders, and invoices in one centralized location.

Poor Inventory Management

Raptech's inventory module allows you to track inventory levels enabling you to optimize stock levels and avoid stockouts.

Ineffective Delivery Process

Raptech allows you to streamline delivery processes, ensuring on-time deliveries and improving customer satisfaction.

Limited Real-Time Visibility

Raptech provides businesses with real-time reporting and analytics, giving them visibility into your operations from start to end.

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