Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Automating Procurement to Vendor Payments

Automate Your Purchasing Workflow with Raptech: Vendor Quotes to Payments

Efficient Procurement Management

Raptech’s Purchase-to-Pay process automation simplifies the procurement process from start to finish. The module streamlines the process of getting quotes, selecting the best quote, managing purchase requisitions and orders, receiving goods and services, matching purchase invoices, and managing accounts payables. With real-time visibility into your procurement pipeline, you can identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to improve the procurement process.


Transform Procurement with Efficient Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Detailed Request Quotes

Raptech’s sourcing module streamlines procurement by creating customizable RFQ events, comparing supplier responses, and re-negotiating pricing. This process reduces costs and enhances supplier relationships.

Efficient Purchase Orders

Raptech’s Purchase Order module streamlines procurement by managing requisitions, generating orders, and tracking statuses with real-time insights. Features include conditional approvals, inventory checks, supplier ASN support.

Organized Inventory Inbound

Raptech’s Inventory module streamlines warehouse operations with GRN, SDN, put-away processes, and stock inspections. It offers real-time visibility, location tracking, and automated reorder functions for efficient inventory management.

Accurate Process Invoices

Raptech’s Purchase Invoice module simplifies accounts payable with 2-way matching of purchase orders, real-time invoice tracking, and payment schedules, ensuring accuracy and timely vendor payments.

Systematic Accounts Payables

Raptech’s Accounts Payable module automates payment processes, tracks outstanding and advance payments, handles A/P credit notes, and supports payment approvals, ensuring efficient and timely vendor payments.

Benefits of Automating Purchase-to-Pay Process with Raptech

Improved Procurement Efficiency: By automating procurement processes such as purchase requisitions, orders, and invoicing, the module simplifies the process and reduces manual errors.

Better Collaboration: The module provides a centralized platform for communication and collaboration among different departments involved in the procurement process.

Increased Cost Savings: By enabling better tracking of purchase orders and invoices, the module helps businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities, such as negotiating better prices.

Streamlined Payment Process: The module simplifies the accounts payable process by enabling businesses to match purchase orders and invoices, ensuring accuracy and reducing processing time.


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