Raptech Project Automation

Efficiently Manage Your Projects from Start to Finish​

With Raptech’s Projects tracking automation, you can streamline all aspects of your projects in one centralized location. From creating project proposals and estimating costs to tracking project progress and profitability.

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Optimize Project Management for Seamless, Efficient Outcomes

How Raptech Automates Project Tracking

Raptech’s Project Tracking automation provides businesses with a centralized platform for managing costs associated with material, labor, and expenses by project. By automating and streamlining project management processes, businesses can increase project efficiency and productivity, leading to improved profitability.


The module enables businesses to easily track project activities, labor timesheets, and expenses by project, allowing for greater visibility and control. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can effectively monitor and manage their projects, resulting in better resource allocation and enhanced project outcomes.

Overcoming Project Management Challenges with Raptech Automation

Inefficient Project Costing and Tracking​

Raptech's project tracking module allows businesses to easily create and manage project costs, ensuring that they have real-time visibility into their budget and expenses.​

Inefficient Labour Time Tracking​

With Raptech's labour time tracking module, businesses can easily track employee time and expenses, ensuring accurate billing and budgeting.

Ineffective Material Tracking​

Raptech's material tracking module ensure that they have the materials they need to complete their projects on time and on budget.

Ineffective Expense Tracking​

Raptech's expense tracking module allows businesses to easily manage their project expenses, ensuring that they are accurately tracked and billed to clients.​

Discover the Benefits of Automating Your Project Tracking with Raptech

Improved Cost Control

Raptech allows businesses to accurately track project costs by material, labor, and expenses, enabling them to better control project budgets and increase profitability.

Enhanced Project Visibility

With features such as project status tracking, Raptech provides real-time visibility into project progress, enabling businesses to identify potential issues and take corrective action.

Streamlined Resource Allocation

Raptech's project tracking module enables businesses to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time to complete projects on time and within budget.

Improved Collaboration

By providing a centralized platform for project management, Raptech facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members, enhancing project success rates.

Project Management Processes Automated by Raptech

Project Timeline Management

Raptech’s Project module helps businesses efficiently manage their projects by creating project codes with start and end dates, tracking timelines and deadlines.


This module provides real-time visibility into project status, allowing businesses to identify delays or bottlenecks and take corrective action. 

Project Tracking

Raptech’s Project Activity Management module allows businesses to define and track project activities, including start and end dates, and percentage completion.


This module provides real-time visibility into activity status and dependencies, enabling businesses to identify delays, allocate resources effectively, and improve efficiency.

Project Time Sheets

Raptech’s Project Time Sheet module helps businesses define tasks and allocate resources, ensuring proper staffing and efficient resource utilization.


This module enables precise tracking of time spent on tasks, with approval processes for additional time, ensuring cost control and improved efficiency.

Project Material Management

Raptech’s Project Material Requests module ensures that project-specific material needs are met efficiently, preventing excess use and managing costs effectively.


This module supports project-wise material requests, providing real-time visibility and monitoring for optimal material usage and process efficiency.

Project Expense Management

Raptech’s Project Expense module allows employees to submit expense claims against projects, ensuring only budgeted expenses are processed and reducing manual tracking.


This module supports real-time expense visibility and approval workflows, enabling efficient expense monitoring, trend identification, and proper review before reimbursement.

Project Reporting

Raptech’s Project Report module offers real-time, customizable reports, providing insights into project activities, progress, profit, and costs.


The module supports monitoring project progress, identifying bottlenecks, and taking corrective action, ensuring informed decisions and improved project efficiency.

Seamless Implementation with Raptech

Beyond mere software delivery, there is a commitment to comprehensive support throughout the journey, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business

Discovery and Assessment: Conduct an in-depth analysis of your current processes, systems, and challenges. This stage aims to uncover gaps and define clear objectives for the expected outcomes.
Preparation for Automation: Prepare your organization for digital transformation by aligning strategies, optimizing organizational structures, and developing the necessary skills for effective system adoption.
Custom Configuration: Customize the solution to seamlessly integrate with your specific business workflows, ensuring that the software is optimally configured for your unique operational needs.
Deployment and Support: Deploy the solution, provide targeted training to empower your team, and offer continuous support to facilitate smooth adaptation and ongoing improvement of the system within your business.

Explore Raptech's Pricing for Your Company

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), from startups to growing enterprises, choose Raptech for smarter operations management. Curious about the cost? Our flexible pricing includes monthly and annual subscription plans, tailored to your specific needs.


Pay only for the modules you select and the number of user accounts. There is a one-time implementation fee for initial setup. As your business grows, you can effortlessly add new modules and users—this is the power and flexibility of cloud software in action.


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