Raptech Inventory Automation

From Stock Inflow to Outflow, We've Got You Covered​

Raptech’s Inventory Management automation provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of your inventory, from inbound and outbound processes to stock inspections and physical quantity adjustments.

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Optimize Inventory Management for Streamlined, Accurate Operations

How Raptech Automates Inventory Management

Raptech’s Inventory Management automation enables businesses to precisely manage and reduce excess stock, ensuring constant product availability. Track and monitor stock movements across various warehouses and locations in real-time, enhancing operational efficiency and readiness.


Incorporate comprehensive features like goods receipt, dispatch, put-away processes, stock inspection, and adjustments to maintain accurate and efficient inventory levels. This approach ensures streamlined operations and significant improvements in overall inventory control.

Overcoming Inventory Management Challenges with Raptech Automation

Inefficient Inventory Tracking​

Raptech streamlines inventory management by providing a centralized platform for tracking stock levels, stock movements, and stock status in real-time. ​

Poor Inventory Control​

Raptech allows businesses to set up automated alerts for low stock levels, reorder points, and expiration dates, enabling them to maintain inventory levels.

Inaccurate Inventory Data​

With Raptech, businesses can automate their inventory management processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Limited Visibility​

Raptech provides businesses with real-time visibility into inventory levels and stock movements across multiple locations, enabling them to make informed decisions.​

Discover the Benefits of Automating Your Inventory Management Process with Raptech

Improved Inventory Control

Raptech allows businesses to track inventory levels in real-time, enabling them to optimize stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and avoid stockouts.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

With features such as material requests, picklists, and sales returns management, Raptech helps businesses ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Increased Operational Efficiency

By automating key inventory management processes such as put-away, stock inspections, and physical quantity adjustments, Raptech eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors.

Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Raptech provides businesses with a comprehensive set of inventory reports, including stock on hand, reorder levels, and inventory valuation, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Management Processes Automated by Raptech

Goods Receiving

Centralize and streamline your GRN/SDN processes for enhanced control and efficiency. Manage and track goods receipts accurately against purchase orders to ensure timely updates to inventory levels.


Incorporate advanced features like barcode and serial number generation, along with lot and expiry details, to ensure accurate inventory management and minimize errors.

Stock Inspection Management

Optimize inspection processes with tailored parameters and comprehensive reporting to enhance inventory quality.


Enable selective or comprehensive item checks, track rejection reasons, and ensure quality improvement with detailed record-keeping and analysis.



Inventory Tracking and Management

Gain real-time insights into inventory levels, manage stocks across locations, and set optimal reorder thresholds.


Ensure accurate, up-to-date inventory with cycle counting support, reducing risks of stockouts and overstocking.



Reorder Management

Automate inventory replenishment with Raptech’s real-time tracking of reorder levels and lead times.


Streamline the replenishment process to reduce stockouts, cut costs, and boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Material Request Management

Effortlessly manage material requests for production and projects with quick approvals to optimize inventory and prevent stockouts.


Enhance operational efficiency and resource utilization by automating material request approvals and tracking.

Asset Tracking

Ensure precise tracking and optimal usage of movable assets, enhancing efficiency across projects and activities.


Maximize asset utilization with real-time tracking, maintenance, and repair, reducing downtime and improving performance.

Inventory Analytics

Gain a comprehensive view of inventory with real-time, customizable reports for all management aspects.


Maximize insights with configurable reports on stock levels, movements, and valuations to drive informed decision-making.

Seamless Implementation with Raptech

Beyond mere software delivery, there is a commitment to comprehensive support throughout the journey, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business

Discovery and Assessment: Conduct an in-depth analysis of your current processes, systems, and challenges. This stage aims to uncover gaps and define clear objectives for the expected outcomes.
Preparation for Automation: Prepare your organization for digital transformation by aligning strategies, optimizing organizational structures, and developing the necessary skills for effective system adoption.
Custom Configuration: Customize the solution to seamlessly integrate with your specific business workflows, ensuring that the software is optimally configured for your unique operational needs.
Deployment and Support: Deploy the solution, provide targeted training to empower your team, and offer continuous support to facilitate smooth adaptation and ongoing improvement of the system within your business.

Explore Raptech's Pricing for Your Company

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), from startups to growing enterprises, choose Raptech for smarter operations management. Curious about the cost? Our flexible pricing includes monthly and annual subscription plans, tailored to your specific needs.


Pay only for the modules you select and the number of user accounts. There is a one-time implementation fee for initial setup. As your business grows, you can effortlessly add new modules and users—this is the power and flexibility of cloud software in action.


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